CORE is an action group dedicated to maintaining off-road motorized, bike, and foot travel in the San Isabel - Pike National Forests and bordering BLM lands.
Friends of CORE Donation

Friends of CORE Donation

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Your $20 Friends of CORE Donation will directly fund clean up/trail maintenance efforts in Pike - San Isabel National Forests and neighboring BLM Lands. In addition to knowing you are making a direct impact with your generosity, you will receive the following benefits...

1. CORE Quarterly newsletter delivered via email highlighting...

- the best motorized trails, mountain bike trails, and hiking trails for you to tackle.

- our volunteer efforts with BLM and Forest Service for trail maintenance and trail adoption.

- local events to enjoy while you are in recreating in Pike and San Isabel National Forests.

2. CORE will act as your local advocate attending all meetings with Forest Service and BLM pertaining to trail maintenance, trail closures, or any other issues facing access to your public lands.