CORE is an action group dedicated to maintaining off-road motorized, bike, and foot travel in the San Isabel - Pike National Forests and bordering BLM lands.



What is CORE...

Pike and San Isabel National Forests

Mountaineering Access

Backcountry roads allow access to 14er trailheads

High County Hunts

Backcountry roads allow access to hunters

Mountain Biking

Backcountry roads allow access to trailheads


Backcountry roads allow access to dispersed camping

Alpine Lake Fishing

Backcountry roads allow fishing access to lakes in the Alpine Zone


Backcountry roads provide the opportunity to test your rigs capability

Natures Beauty

Backcountry roads allow all users to experience Colorado's many landscapes


Backcountry roads allow users to access historical mining sites


Clean Up Efforts and Trail Maintenance

Assisting BLM and Forest Service in Pike and San Isabel National Forests...
Bringing motorized groups together
Dispersed campsite cleanups
Promoting responsible motorized use


Introducing the CORE Response Team.

Introducing the CORE Response Team.

Over the past year CORE has come a long way, and after our end of season meetings with the Forest Service and our own debrief, we have made it a po...

No, the sky is not falling on public lands...

The above statement may seem contrary to the headlines and memes that were shared in mass across the internet and social media yesterday as Preside...
Set Them Free Rally

Set Them Free Rally

We were fortunate enough to attend, and help, with the Set Them Free rally this year based at the Poncha Springs Fairgrounds. The rally was held J...
Grizzly Lake Trail Work

Grizzly Lake Trail Work

CORE was contacted mid-June this year by several groups notifying us of several trees down on our Grizzly Lake Trail. We were scheduled to partici...
Spring 2017 Trash Clean Ups

Spring 2017 Trash Clean Ups

CORE trash clean ups in the San Isabel National Forest and adjacent BLM Lands began on March 25th once the snow started to melt in the backcountry...
14er Fest

14er Fest

A weekend festival of high mountain adventures located in Buena Vista, Colorado. 4x4 - MTN Biking - Hiking - Fishing - Trail Running Buena Vista...